The Vacation That Wasn’t

So yeah, my vacation? Not so vacationy. I have spent the last week doing nothing but housework, errands, laundry, having house guests, visiting family, cooking for large groups of people and all manner of other tasks. I need a vacation from my vacation, and classes start tomorrow. However, in the news of AWESOME, my Paramour is moving to a house just across the water! He will be within walking distance of the ferry, and can actually see my house from his back deck. Not only that, but he’s letting me and my best friend decorate it for him (he said, “You guys can decorate the house, I’ll just give you my credit card and can you do whatever you want” and I had what I have dubbed a “decorgasm” in that moment). I am working on a whole “mid-century modern space age swinging bachelor pad” look (the house is gorgeous and was built in the late 60s, and his furniture is all Scandinavian mid-century design). While he was staying here this weekend, he finally had a chance to really bond with my husband, which was actually really cute. They played video games and talked in “southernisms” that no one else understood (one is from Memphis, the other is from North Carolina), went shopping for appliances. It’s good for my husband to have a straight male playmate, because as much as he loves our gay boys, sometimes he just needs to do “guy” things, like talk about boobs and scratch themselves, or whatever straight guys do.

I have 5 posts that actually pertain to Paganism (you know, the actual point to this blog) in draft form, but I haven’t had time to finish a single one. I haven’t bailed yet! Honest!


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"Everything is full of gods." - Thales

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