Flirting Pagerds

I need to come up with a catchy term for a Pagan nerd… but “Pagerd” just doesn’t cut it. If it did, however, the definition would be:

Pagerd (pa-GERD) n. Someone who, when her German instructor tells her he is going to see all 4 nights of “Der Ring des Nibelungen”, produces this as her German homework the next day:

Click to embiggen.

Yes, that say “wælcyrge” in the *Anglo-Saxon Futhorc at the top (or a reasonable phonetic approximation), then below is a verse from the “Wið færstice” charm referencing the “mighty women” who “screaming, hurl their spears”.

I am Pagerd, hear me flirt.

*Why Anglo-Saxon? Cuz that’s what I know, dammit.

**Translation of the actual homework portion is unexciting, and after the cut
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