Yesterday was Imbolc, and due to poor health and a hectic schedule, my participation was minimal. A simple lamb dinner with my “family”, some good wine and good conversation and home by midnight.


Next up is Anthesteria, which is proving to be a daunting undertaking. We only have 3 weeks to throw together a decadent semi-public Bacchinalia, and I am slammed with school and ADF studies and men and my housewife-erly duties.

I am most excited about planning our Midsummer celebration. We are planning a Shakespearean / Brothers Grimm style woodland picnic in the afternoon, followed by a beach bonfire that night. As soon as the weather gets better I need to start scouting locations for that. We are planning a Slavic Ostara and Walpurgisnacht in the mountains. We haven’t discussed Lughnasadh yet, but once we hit the Autumnal Equinox I will have fulfilled my first full wheel of the year for the dedicant program. Then it’s essay city…


Bastards and Beads

Dear People Who Made “Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters”,

Go fuck yourselves. No really, GO. FUCK. YOUR. SELVES. Thank you for raping the childhood of everyone born since 1812.

Sigrun Pallene

In other, more interesting news, I was inspired by fellow ADF dedicant vlaughlin over at “The Druid’s Cosmos” to create a set of Pagan prayer beads. I really needed something to help focus my meditation, and this should be just the ticket.
pagan prayer beads
There are 9 beads for the Nine Virtues of Druidry, 9 beads for the Nine Noble Virtues of Heathenism, 3 beads for the Triple Hallows (fire, well, tree), 3 beads for the Three Kindreds, and 2 beads for the Two Powers. Since these are the subjects I feel need the most initial attention I made them my “training beads”. I am working on writing a series of prayers for each bead, plus I would like to use the large beads for special prayers.

Part of the impetus for this was the realization that I was expending huge amounts of energy on historical and factual study, but virtually ignoring my actual spiritual development. Meditation is not my forte, or rather, I never consider it my forte, but I do spend a great deal of time in a near-meditative state while I am listening to music or resting in bed (I take a nap every day due to the MS). This will hopefully prove to be a good tool to focus my mind where it needs to be.

Happy Anniversary

Happy 200th anniversary to the Brothers Grimm, folklorists, linguists, historians, and scholars! Google has a very cute animation to commemorate the publication of one of the most influential books in Western civilization, so check it out. If you are anything like me, you were raised on a steady diet of little girls lost in the woods, swan maidens, and brave shepherds tromping their way through dark forests filled with talking bears and gingerbread houses. Do yourself a favor and spend some time today reading these incredible tales of yore.

When We Were Trees

The Transpersonal Experience in Indo-European Mythology, Folklore, and Music

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The Flaming Thyrsos

Memoirs of a Hekatean Wino

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Exactly correct. You inhabit two worlds. So far, I see nothing strange.

Root Craft

Making magic in the dirt.

Eternal Bacchus

Dionysos from the end of antiquity to the present


polytheist extractions

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"Everything is full of gods." - Thales

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