Busting Out My Tinfoil Hat

I’m a reasonable person. I am relatively well read, fairly sensible, and not prone to just accept what I am told as gospel if it doesn’t jibe with what I know of the physical world. Sure, I believe in mystical experiences, the paranormal, hell, even Bigfoot, but I am also aware that these are my BELIEFS, not things I can expect others to believe in as well. In other words, I am a kook, but I am a fairly level-headed kook. I don’t believe that contrails are part of a government conspiracy, I don’t think the world is run by lizard people, etc.

That said…

There is some seriously creepy shit afoot.

When we first moved to our island a year ago, I was happily cleaning my new house, when suddenly I heard a terrifying industrial roar coming from behind our house. I went outside and stared at the treeline. It was this booming, grinding, whooshing sound, like jet engine or enormous steam valve. It seemed to be coming from the mountain on the island. And it was loud. Since we had just moved here, I wasn’t used to the local sounds, and having grown up right next to the Boeing plant I was no stranger to loud jet-like noises. Except… this had a really creepy quality, like it was coming from the sky, but at the same time extremely close. It went on for several minutes and then stopped. I scratched my head and went about my business, assuming it had something to do with the quarry on the far side of the island (the only industry here, everything else is residential, family farms, or mostly forest. We don’t even have any traffic lights or a gas station on the island). Turns out that we can only occasionally hear some blasting coming from the quarry, and even that rare and fairly faint, like distant fireworks.

Cut to about 6 months ago. I came across these videos by accident, and I swear to you this is the sound I heard. I know there is a lot of debate about this being a hoax (which is quite probable, but still a weird coincidence), but this particular video was allegedly filmed in Vancouver, which I can almost see from my kitchen window.

Seriously, there are dozens of these on YouTube. Many of them are clearly hoaxes, some are more convincing.

The other creepy thing happening around here involves the crows. The crows are acting in a most un-crowlike manner. Best Friend and his husband Co-Priest spent New Years in Vancouver and witnessed an enormous flock of crows (yes, I know it’s a murder, but that just sounds so gother-than-thou) circling overhead, to the point where people were freaking out and gawking at them. The college I attend has been taken over by what can only be described as a swarm of crows, hundreds of them, cawing an circling like a huge black cloud. People break out their phones to film them. It’s weird, and it’s not a behavior I have witnessed before, at least not anywhere near this scale. It all feels like the beginning of some horror movie, where if we had just paid attention to the signs/portents/scientific evidence/message we could have stopped it.

So, coincidental bullshit? Aliens? Global warming? The second coming of the zombie of a Jewish day-laborer? I have no clue. But strange things are afoot at the Circle K…



For our Yule celebration, and as ADF dedicants, we decided our sacred tree should be Yggdrasil. Originally, we were going to hang a small Odin/Wotan figure on the tree, but time constraints required a bit of flexibility. I bought a couple of thrift store Father Christmases and cannibalized them for parts. Here is my Odin/Wotan (sans eye patch, I need the right material for that):


The mess of crap on his hat looks better in person. Note the addition of the “ashen faggot” on his back. The gays and I are deeply amused by the name of that particular tradition.

Nature Stuff: Are You Ready to ROCK?

I went down to the beach to look for stones to make my rune set the other day. This being the Pacific Northwest stones are a dime a dozen, since we have shingle beaches. It doesn’t hurt to live on an island the size of Manhattan either, since the beach is, well, everywhere. (Trivia time: Manhattan is 22 sq mi and has a population of 1.5 MILLION people. Our island is 23 sq mi and has a population of around 900, but only about half of those are year-round residents.)

Yes, it’s as cold as it looks. And if it were a clear day you could see Canada in the distance.

When I left the house that day, it wasn’t raining. As a native Northwesterner, I take pride in the fact that I have never owned an umbrella and I am fairly hardy in inclement weather. As the descendant of English seafarers, I’d like to think that a brisk marine squall is merely but a mild nuisance. However, the torrential downpour that started was such that within minutes I was soaked to the bone. Of course, this starts after I had already walked a good ways down the beach. It probably would have been wise to wear something a little warmed than a linen jacket, too.

That’s right bitches, I’m 42 and unafraid to show you myself, without make up and looking like a wet dog. UNAFRAID, I TELL YOU!

I stuck it out, though, and I found several good stones that I think will work fine. I got to spend a nice hour or 2 in the rain in complete solitude, just me, the beach, the rain and the birds. In the autumn and winter, after the Canadians who own summer houses and the weekenders stop coming, there is a silence at the beach that is so sharp and lovely it’s almost tangible. You can almost hear the fog passing by. Nature relaxes and returns to a more peaceful center. There are over 250 known species of bird that call the island home, depending on the time of year. There are deer everywhere, to the point of being pests, eagles are as commonplace as pigeons, ravens dominate the landscape like glossy black generals barking orders; we even are rumored to have a small population of fox on the island. If you are very lucky you might even see a pod of orcas or grey whales. In the spring, I could sit in my living room and just watch the outdoors like tv, but is that enough?

A view of the island taken from the ferry at sunset in mid-September.

Most people would kill to live in a place like this (provided they could stand the gloom and the solitude). I am seriously blessed to live in one of the most beautiful and rare places on earth, and the fact that I am such an “indoor kid” is almost criminal. Years of childhood asthma and severe allergies have made me habitually avoidant of the outdoors. When we lived in Seattle, we lived just a few miles from the Arboretum, and yet I only managed to make it there a handful of times. I really need to get out an enjoy my environment more often, and by more often I mean more than just the walk out to my car. Thinking about how much time we spend indoors as a culture breaks my heart. The standard cliche about “nature being my church” should be true for most pagans, if not all. A deep appreciation of nature is one of the gifts of this path, perhaps we should all take a moment to remove the pane of glass that separates us from it.

Oh look, more islands!

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